99DeFi Terms and Conditions

 These 99DeFi’s Terms & Policy (the “Terms”) are a contract binding between you (hereinafter referred to as “you” or “your”) and 99DeFi. “We,” “Us,” or “Our,” as used in these Terms & Policy, also refers to 99DeFi. By downloading, accessing, clicking on “I agree” to accept any of 99DeFi’s Services, you agree to have read, understood, and acknowledged all of the terms and conditions specified in these Terms and Policy (hereinafter referred to as “these Terms”). Your use of the Services by any means implies that you accept all of these Terms, and these Terms will continue to be in effect while you use DeFi’s Services. These terms and policy include the rules and regulations in this document and any other terms and conditions that may be incorporated or referenced by us occasionally into these Terms.

Please carefully go through the terms and policy as they control your use of our products, applications, and services; including, but not restricted to, our online application (“Website”) located at https://99defi.network and our correspondent mobile application(s) collectively referred to as the “Services.”

These terms contain relevant statutes consisting of an arbitration statute that requires all claims by users of our Services to be settled by legal and binding arbitration. The terms of the statute of arbitration are stipulated in our “Rules and Regulations.”

Like any asset, the values of Digital Currencies may vary considerably, and there is a significant risk of financial losses when selling, buying, investing in, or holding Digital Currencies and their derivatives.


By using 99DeFi Services, you agree and accept that:

  • You are familiar with the risks associated with Digital Currencies transactions
  • You shall infer all risks associated with using 99DeFi’s transactions and services of Digital Currencies.
  • 99DeFi shall not be held liable for any such risks.

By downloading, accessing, attempting to use, or use 99DeFi Services by any means, you accept that you agree and acknowledge to be under obligation by these Terms. Otherwise, do not use or access 99DeFi services.


1.1 99DeFi

Describes an ecosystem consisting of 99DeFi’s websites (whose domain names include https://99defi.network), applets, mobile applications, clients, and other applications which are developed to provide 99DeFi’s Network Services.

1.2 99 DeFi’s Services

The term “99DeFi’s Services” shall be considered as different services offered to you by DeFi based on both internet and blockchain technologies; and delivered across 99DeFi’s websites, applets, mobile applications, partners, and alternative means (inclusive of new technological developments)

1.3 Users

 Describes all individuals, institutions, or businesses that download, access, or use 99DeFi or 99DeFi’s Services.

1.4 Digital Currencies

Refers to digital or encrypted tokens or cryptocurrencies that are issued and managed in a decentralized manner with a value determined by cryptography and blockchain technologies.

1.5 99DeFi Accounts

Describes the virtual accounts which are created by 99DeFi for users to carry out 99DeFi Services and transactions.

1.6 Lending and Borrowing

Describes the action allowing an individual or business to use Digital Currencies under an agreement and at interest to pay back later, including but not limited to trading and currency borrowing and lending services presently offered by 99DeFi Network.